Unleash the true power of the Blockchain

Independent Chain is a distributed, decentralised and certified network,

consisting of 3 classes of nodes optimised for very high performance with very low power consumption, which make it possible to mine the blockchain of T.R.I.N.C.I.

The Network

Independent Chain is the hardware network of T.R.I.N.C.I. the blockchain of Affidaty, a completely decentralized structure, PROOF OF AUTHORITY, formed by certified nodes and whose energy consumption is so insignificant that it can be defined "sustainable". No user has privileges over others, no one can control the information that is stored on it, modify or delete it and no one can alter the protocol that determines the functioning of the basic technology. Furthermore, there are no focal points, so the whole system is based on a completely distributed architecture.

Anyone, subject to authentication and certification, can become miner in the Independent Chain, actively participating in the generation of new transactions and gaining from the sale of the computing power to all the applications that use the blockchain of the system. Using Independent Chain is equivalent to being part of one of the safest computer systems in the world, composed of hardware specially designed and structured to support any business project and Enterprise infrastructure.


Node Gamma

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Affidaty S.p.A. it is an authority independent of the network of nodes, which it does not own but relies on to write transactions. The network is owned by a joint venture community also called a mining community, similar to partners or trustees, which must comply with the terms and conditions contained in the accepted license agreements and the security standards specified in the CN documents forming part of their license agreement.


Proof of Authority

Affidaty uses a PoA consent algorithm, with which it uses the value of identities. This means that the block validators (miners) put their infrastructure in a stake based on the certifications they have. Consequently, IndependentChain is protected by validation nodes that are arbitrarily selected as reliable entities thanks to the standardized parameters contained in the Requirements attachments that are based on guidelines for construction, maintenance and updating of farms in accordance with universally recognized certifications.

Node Gamma

Gamma Group

They are installed in Home Farms and enjoy standard safety levels and remuneration.

Node Beta

Beta Group

They are installed in selected qualified and certified Mining Farms: they enjoy high levels of remuneration and security, both in IT and physical terms.

Node Alpha

Alpha Group

They are installed directly in the Server Farm: they guarantee the highest levels of remuneration and security in both IT and physical terms, with the highest structural standards, remuneration and maintenance.

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Power module required by the network

One of the main purposes of the network is the transparency of the data and for this reason Independent Chain provides tools with which users are able to see independently and instantly the necessary information, without third party filters or subjectively arbitrary data.

The data in the modules is illustrative, soon these will be connected to the T.R.I.N.C.I. blockchain, to process the data in the background, generating unbiased and easily understandable reports of the power required by the network in different time slots.

Power Value Alpha Node

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Power Value Beta Node

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Power Value Gamma Node(Demo)

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Affidaty S.p.A. and its affiliated farms, wherever they conduct business, can store and process information relating to blockchain IndependentChain write transactions by the user, in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR in cases where notification or consent is required. of the people involved for this processing.


The Blockchain


Independent Chain is a hardware network made up of very high performance nodes with very low power consumption, specially designed for the T.R.I.N.C.I. blockchain, a revolutionary technology for the newest generation of applications, as it has the best features of a public blockchain combined with the best features of a private blockchain. Becoming an Independent Chain miner by purchasing a certified node structure (Alpha, Beta, Gamma Group) means earning money by selling computing power to the many applications that require these architectural features.