The plug and play notarization network for all blockchains created with T.R.I.N.C.I 2.0, powered by Affidaty S.p.A.

Regardless of the picked consensus model, Independent chain acts as the plug and play notarization network  for all blockchains created with T.R.I.N.C.I 2.0 powered by Affidaty S.p.A.

T.R.I.N.C.I 2.0 makes it possible to build highly efficient, specific purpose networks,
each of which can use Independent Chain as a certification system for each block. 

Alfa Hybrid network

Coming soon
January, 2022

Beta Proprietary network

Beta is a dedicated proprietary network. The user, who benefits from the possibility to hash in an Alfa or or Gamma network, can choose the most appropriate consensus model depending on their project.

Gamma Public network

On Trinci2, it is the public network characterized by a mathematically proved consensus not performed on the entire network. Because the outcome of the process is proved mathematically, the protocol allows to reduce energy waste, therefore favoring the environment.

Omega Testnet network

From a community of developers certified under the T.R.I.N.C.I 2.0 training and integration course, Testnet network offers the market autonomous computing power. 

Beta network

TRINCI 2.0 allows you to create specific blockchains called HDSB (High Density Scoped Blockchain) for any situation.
Every blockchain can be implemented with a dedicated network and its own consensus algorithm.

The first Beta network, comprising certified nodes on server farm, was created by initiative of Affidaty S.p.A and other partners, hardware technicians, to execute smart contracts for Exchange, Escrow System, Custom coin, Voting system, Time System, Time stamp and others. Each user can decide to apply their own smart contracts on the existing Beta and use all of the associated bank services, or alternatively, create their own Beta network and a dedicated HDSB with the same technology and core but for a different business model.

Every private Beta network supports a specific hardware, which has been designed by Affidaty S.p.A and shall be borne by the project creator, to ensure the highest efficiency in energy and performance. If you wish to turn a private Beta network into a public system to ensure that data will not be modified, Independent Chain allows you to notarize all of the private HDSB blocks inside the Alpha network.

In this way, a Beta network can notarize all the blocks inside Alpha network to safeguard both the privacy of the business data inserted and the node owners’ data status. Affidaty S.p.A can be cited as a model using Beta network and block notarization in Alpha network. For its users, this model ensures that the private systems are provided with the highest performance and efficiency, as well as that public systems are secure.

Structuring a private HDSB network is going to require higher costs in the beginning, but will not require the management costs of a public blockchain, which include operation fees depending on the specific business model. 

Gamma Public Network

Gamma Network shows the same POW consensus algorithm and currency generation model as Bitcoins, but is implemented inside the core of TRINCI 2.0.
Like for Satoshi Nakamoto’s blockchain, 21.000.000 coins, the Syn, will be available for mining. These coins will be extracted using the same Alving’s algorithm and intend to represent a real tribute to bitcoin.

Gamma is therefore a public network for which anyone possessing performing graphic cards can become a miner, since the mining algorithm relies on the same hash brute force as that of bitcoin.

Omega TestNet

Omega TestNet is the test network of TRINCI 2.0 certified developers.
It comprises all property nodes owned by each developer. Every node can be virtualized to test each project or it can be connected to the network Omega and sync with all other nodes in the network. 

The test network is specifically intended for developers, to test smart contracts and see how they respond before being executed. Assets for the execution of transactions are released on demand and they do not have any value outside the Testnet.
Test blockchain is constantly reset and cleaned so that it is always clear and no performance degradation can be experienced.

Buy the Independentchain Node for 849€

Independent Chain's node comes as a specific hardware intended for the development of beta networks for proprietary HDSB (High Density Scoped Blockchain) and for the construction of Omega testing network.

Each node ensures the highest efficiency in energy and performance, therefore guaranteeing the proper development for every project.

Join the Beta or Omega Testnet Networks

When you buy our testnet node, included in the package you will find a qr code with instructions on hardware installation and integration in the Omega network, together with an Operation and Maintenance manual.

Learn T.R.I.N.C.I. 2.0 and get the node with a discount

Get the node by partecipating in the T.R.I.N.C.I 2.0 training and integration course and become a certified developer. This course is the perfect way to break into the blockchain sector.

*Prices may vary depending on market fluctuations.

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